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URTECH will manage your data entry & provide timely bank account & credit card reconciliation.


We accurately track your revenue & expenses, and provide valuable insights into your business.


We produce up-to-date Balance Sheet & Income Statements every month.


URTECH will manage everything which can help you easily manage your bill pay, payroll & more!

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CPAs must offer services to small businesses at reasonable prices, and Urtech Global helps by offering small business bookkeeping services. Small firms often need to focus their time and resources on core operations, so they hire CPAs to handle their bookkeeping needs. A concentrated approach to core business is constantly hampered by financial and tax issues, worries about employee benefits and insurance, technological difficulties, and several other company obstacles. CPA firms could offer similar services to small businesses at lower costs by collaborating with Urtech. We employ a range of accounting programmes, including Quick Books, Sage, Peach Tree, Creative Solutions, MYOB, and others, that are especially suited for small business bookkeeping. If there is any other software that you would like us to use, our staff will quickly gain the necessary knowledge and start using it.

Let URTECH GLOBAL SOLUTIONS give you time back to focus on your business.

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Our people & technology will take the pain out of your accounting & bookkeeping, letting you get back to business.

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